Toon is training his own horses as well as third party owned horses. You have the possibility to have your horse completely trained from its first jump to every competition level possible until the horse reached its limit. By mutual understanding, agreements can be made for a possible sale of your horse.

Idullah The strategy of Toon is long term, not short term (success). The start with a solid basic training adjusted to the level of the horse. He is applying this strategy for many years with their own horses very successfully. Horses breed and/or trained by Toon are sold nationally and internationally and compete on the highest level e.g. Quito’s Son, Jashar (from Emilion) and Carthago daughter Celebration Z which competes in Finland and Scandinavia on 1.50m. level.

Toon invites you to contact him if you think you have a talented horse. After one of more months of training he is able to tell you if it will be wise to train your horse to a higher level.